May 1, 2014

Suicide Burger | Burger King

Does the name Suicide Burger scare you? Don't worry, you are not alone. But the actual burger off Burger King's Secret Menu is much less scary than its name portrays. The reason it is called the Suicide Burger is because it is so large and filling that eating the whole thing in one seating results in a feeling that you very well might explode and well, die.  With four patties, four slices of cheese, and four slices of bacon, the Suicide Burger from Burger King means business and is not for the faint of heart. You should only order this burger if you are truly starving or if you are sharing it with a friend or three.

The Suicide Burger is not the only item listed on BK's Secret Menu. Curious to see what else it contains? There are a plethora of other burgers, sandwiches, shakes, fries, and more! If you're curious, you should certainly check out the rest of Burger King's Secret Menu.
Suicide Burger
Suicide Burger from burger King

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