Jan 5, 2016

Puppy Patty for Dogs | In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out is known for it's secret menu. So much so that the secret menu doesn't seem so "secretive." Despite being so well-known, many people are surprised to find out that In-N-Out's special menu includes an item for dogs. It is called the Puppy Patty and features a plain hamburger patty without any salt added that is served in a doggy bag. What dog is not going to love that? I mean, just look how happy the dog is below with his In-n-Out Puppy Patty. The prices for a puppy patty do vary by location with some In-n-Outs charging a buck or two while others may even charge you the price of a regular hamburger.

In-N-Out for you and your dog!
You no longer have to feel guilty when leaving your dog at home or in the car when enjoying In-N-Out. A double-double and animal style fries for you, and a Pup Patty for your dog! This is a meal/treat that your dog is sure to enjoy and is one of the healthier options featured on a secret menu for dogs. Bring the pup along to enjoy some very yummy dog food from the freshest burger joint around! We realize dogs are already considered a man's or woman's best friend but you might be surprised to see your dog even love you more after you treat them to

In-N-Out isn't the only well known restaurant that offers secret menu items for dogs - Starbucks offers a "Puppuccino" that your dog or puppy is sure to love! Check out some other restaurants that offer secret menus for dogs here!

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  1. Anonymous9/16/2016

    At In-N-Out along with the pub Burger you can also get a cup of water with or without ice for your dog. I didn't know that was a secret menu I thought that the person waiting on us was just being nice and she was. Lakota loved it it was a great treat