May 1, 2014

Rodeo Burger | Burger King

The Rodeo Burger off the Secret Menu at Burger King is perfect for those who think the standard cheeseburger is too plain and boring. The Rodeo Burger is essentially a simple cheeseburger on steroids. It's what real men eat while little boys eat cheeseburgers.

There was a time when the Rodeo Burger was on Burger King's Standard Menu but that time has passed. During that much too short stint, people feel in love with the burger, which resulted in it becoming part of BK's Secret Menu

The Rodeo Burger features a burger patty, cheese, (hold on to your hat, this is where it gets crazy), 3-4 crunch onion rings, and sweet, tangy barbecue sauce. If you love barbecue food or feel like living life on the edge, then you should definitely try the Rodeo Burger at least once in the lifetime.

Burger King Rodeo Burger
Rodeo Burger

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