McDonald's Secret Menu

McDonald's Secret Menu

There is a reason that McDonald's Secret Menu is so popular, it is because it is so dang yummy! McD's might not boast the most healthy secret menu out there but it could compete for the best tasting secret menu. This secret menu includes burgers, cheeseburgers, fries, desserts, drinks and more! Getting tired of McDonald's regular menu? Then you should definitely try their secret menu! Imagine popular McDonald's items such as the Big Mac or fries but ten times better. Yes, that is what McDonald's had in mind when they created and designed their secret menu for all those food fanatics out there!

The Secret Menu at McDonald's contains the following items:
The secret menu successfully captures the authentic McDonald's flavor with a unique twist. The Secret Menu featured at McDonald's does not mess around - it is all about boldness and flavor and is sure to fill you up. We recommend you to give it a try the next time you stop at McDonald's to simply experience something new and different! Please note that some locations may not be familiar with all of these secret menu items so if that is the case then don't hesitate to explain the concept to them so they can go ahead and create it for you.

If you are looking for a healthy secret menu, we recommend checking out Jamba's Secret Menu or the Secret Menu at Panera. Both of which do offer just as satisfying options, some of which are rather sweet, but do have healthier ingredients when compared to the secret menu at McDonald's

Secret Menu at McDonalds
McDonald's Secret Menu


  1. Anonymous2/16/2017

    Thank you for sharing this.
    I absolutely love McDonald's breakfast menu and the secret menu is pretty bada*s!

  2. I use to work for McDonald back in my HS days, and a customer wanted a double Big Mac, I had not clue what is was, then my manager told me, yes we have it, you just have to press on the big mac button longer and it comes up.

    Going off tangent, a customer came in with her anonying kids (all kids are annoying at McDonalds) and asked the kid what he wanted, and he wanted a cheeseburger with no cheese and she proceeds to repeat the order to me, it was a memorable WTF moment as I was both annoyed and ammused because she basically just wanted a regular damn hamburger.

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