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The Starbucks Secret Menu is one of the most popular secret menus in the world. The list of items on the Secret Menu at Starbucks Coffee includes lattes, frappuccinos, mochas, non-coffee drinks, desserts, and even a secret menu item for dogs! This particular secret menu is so dang popular because Starbucks is so dang popular itself. Not to mention, ordering items off a secret menu makes you feel like you are part of a special club! Be sure to try all the Secret Menu items that Starbucks has to offer! Please note, this list of secret menu items is just a small percentage of the secret drinks at Starbucks simply because they are constantly being created. If you have tried a drink at Starbucks that isn't listed here, please do leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts about the drink from Starbucks secret menu!

The Secret Menu at Starbucks contains the following items:

Starbucks Coffee, or Starbucks Corporation, is based in Seattle, Washington. Since being founded in 1971 by Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegl, Starbucks has become the biggest coffee house company in the world. The original Starbucks location was at Pikes Place Market in Seattle and has since then grown to include over 20,000 coffeehouses worldwide. Over the years, Starbucks Secret Menu has flourished thanks to the creativity of its patrons as most of the secret menu drinks are created by their customers.

The great thing about the Starbucks secret menu is that it not only provide you with a unique and delicious taste, it also gives you a nice energy boost with some caffeine. That sounds like a win-win situation to us! If you are looking for other refreshing beverages that are part of a secret menu, you should check out the Secret Menu at Jamba.

Secret Menu at Starbucks Coffee
This is just a small sample of the Starbucks Secret Menu