Apr 7, 2014

Skittles - Jamba Juice Smoothie

The Skittles Smoothie recipe from Jamba Juice is listed below. This yummy combo of lemonade, sherbet, fro yo, some fruit and ice creates a flavor that makes it taste like you are drinking a frozen bag of Skittles.  If you grew up eating this candy like we did then this Jamba Juice smoothie was created for you!

- Twelve (12) Ounces Peach Lemonade or Lemonade
- One scoop lime sherbet
- Two (2) Scoops Frozen Yogurt
- Two (2) Scoops Frozen Strawberries
- Two (2) Scoops Ice

If the Skittles Smoothie recipe above is simply too sweet for you then you can cut the froyo and strawberries in half with still enjoying basically the same flavor from Jamba Juice. 
Taste the FROZEN rainbow! The Skittles Smoothie from Jamba Juice.
If you're a true Jamba Juice local then you can order this Skittles Smoothie by orderings a a Strawberry Surfrider with no peaches and add froyo. Another option is to order a Strawberry Wild and sub lemonade for the apple juice and sub lime sherbet for the bananas. Either option you choose, they should all taste just like a bag of Skittles.

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