Apr 17, 2014

Stoner Burrito | Del Taco Secret Menu

Del Taco's Stoner Burrito Recipe:

  • Begin with half-pound bean and cheese burrito
  • Add red sauce
  • Add special sauce
  • Add crinkle cut fries
  • Enjoy!

Note: This secret menu item at Del Taco was created in the Inland Empire. Some Del Tacos may have not heard of the Stoner Burrito before. In that case, simply order the half-pound burrito with the ingredients listed above and let the employee(s) know what the item is called and that it is part of Del Taco's Secret Menu. The best way a secret menu spreads is by word of mouth!

Stoner Burrito
Uuhhhhhh.......Can I have four stoner burritos?

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