Apr 15, 2014

Red Gummy Bear Smoothie | Jamba Secret Menu

The Red Gummy Bear Smoothie is one of the top three most popular smoothies served at Jamba Juice (both standard menu and secret menu) and is available at all of the Jamba Juice locations. The Red Gummy Smoothie is so dang popular not only because it tastes just like red gummy bears but also because it offers the perfect balance of sweetness and refreshment. This smoothie is able to taste like a red gummy bear because of its unique combination of juice, milk, mixed fruits, and various frozen sherberts. This drink is a great Jamba Juice option if you prefer your smoothies a little sweater than most smoothies that tastes more like a dessert. Instead of saying the full name, you can shorten it to simply "The Red Gummy" to carry yourself and act like a Jamba local.
  • Six (6) ounces of Raspberry Juice
  • Four (4) ounces of Soy Milk
  • One (1) scoop of Lime Sherbet
  • One (1) scoops of Raspberry Sherbet
  • One (1) scoop of Orange Sherbet
  • One (1) scoop of Pineapple Sherbet
  • One (1) scoop of Ice
  • If you want your Red Gummy Bear smoothie SUPER RED then include One (1) scoop of Strawberries

The Red Gummy Bear Smoothie is very similar to the White Gummy Bear Smoothie, another item on Jamba Juice's Secret Menu. Instead of Raspberry juice and Strawberries, the White Gummy Bear Smoothie uses Peach Juice and Mangoes. The Secret Menu at Jamba Juice also contains the Blue Gummy Bear Smoothie. It truly is fascinating the the combination of various fruits, juices, soy milk, sherbets, and ice can create a smoothie that really does have the flavor of the gummy candies. 

Have you ever tried a Red Gummy smoothie from Jamba Juice? Be sure to let us know what you thought about it by leaving a comment below!
Red Gummy Bear Smoothie
Jamba Juice's Red Gummy Bear Smoothie 


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    for the sherberts are they powders?