Nov 25, 2015

Monkey Style | In-N-Out Burger

This is a new secret menu item from In-N-Out that we have never heard of before, the Monkey Style Burger. The reason we've never heard of it before is because it's on the unofficial/super-secret secret menu. The official menu offers animal style burgers or animal style fries, but the Monkey Style burger from In-N-Out combines the two - it's a burger that includes Animal Style fries. Feast your eyes below and make sure you try it on your next visit to the freshest burger joint around. If you have tried this unofficial secret menu burger before please let us know what you thought about it by commenting below.

If you attempt to order a burger Monkey Style and the In-N-Out employee just stares at you in a confused manner, simply explain that you would like animal style fries included on your burger. If they still have a perplexed look on their face, just order a burger with animal style fries on the side to combined them yourself to create a Monkey Style burger.

Monkey Style Burger